IBOR Transition

Course description

The IBOR Transition is the next big challenge to the financial industry. CIBOR, STIBOR, NIBOR, LIBOR and EURIBOR are disappearing and new risk-free rates are emerging. In this course you will learn how to understand the outline of the New Market, the impacts of the changes and how your organization should react.

Course content

From LIBOR Scandal to Evolved LIBOR
The New Risk-Free Rates
IBOR Driven Markets
The Concept of a Term Rate based on RFR
Transition Program (SOFR, ESTER & IBOR)
Preparation for the post IBOR world
Beyond the Obvious
Winners and Loosers

The course is relevant to

Anyone working with IBOR-related products:
– Traders
– Investment advisors
– Regulators
– Analysts
– IT-people
– Middle Office employees
– Back Office employees
– Compliance


No specific prerequisites are required.

Instructor on this course

Peter Woeste Christensen

Peter Woeste Christensen

Peter Woeste Christensen is Director in Lucht Probst Associates GmbH. With his base in Frankfurt am Main, Peter advises Banks and other financial market participants in aspects ranging from pricing, hedging and risk management of financial contracts, to the operational aspects from pre-trading over settlement to the financial reporting of transactions.

Peter is actively engaged in the IBOR transition, supporting large international oriented organizations with their LIBOR transition projects.

Peter teaches IBOR Transition

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