About Peter Zink Secher

Peter Zink Secher

Peter Zink Secher

Peter Zink Secher is a former Investment Banker and Corporate Finance specialist with 25 years of experience on M&A sell-side. Peter moved to M&A buy-side as he started working as ’head of M&A’ for a former M&A client from 2011-14. He has been involved in M&A projects in most parts of the world and is now running his own company Fixcorp. Peter’s business motto is ”half of your M&A success are all the deals you don’t do”.

Peter acts as guest lecturer on M&A topics on various UK universities/MBA schools. He has published various articles in Finans/Invest on derivatives, risk management and most recently M&A (April 2018).

He is co-author of THE M&A FORMULA published by Wiley January 2018. He holds an HD (Finance) and Executive MBA (Global Management).

Peter teaches Corporate Finance – M&A