Excel in Finance – Introduction to VBA Programming

Course description

Using the built-in functionality in Excel can bring you a long way. But if you want to design tailor-made spreadsheets with full flexibility, you have to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This course will give you a thorough introduction to VBA programming, going through all relevant topics and relate them to financial cases. The course will to a large extent be based on computer workshops, whereby you will get hands-on experience with building your own advanced financial spreadsheets.

Course content

The VBA environment
– Variables and Naming
– Objects and Ranges
– Conditional Actions
– Loops and Debugging

Build your own
– Macros, Procedures and Functions

VBA in Financial Cases
– Generate Cash Flows
– Calibration of Zero Coupon Models

The course is relevant to

– Analysts
– Portfolio Managers
– Treasurers
– Traders
– Backoffice/Operations
– Middle Office
– Front Office
– Anyone working with excel


This course requires knowledge of Excel on an intermediate level. Furthermore, using financial examples, a basic understanding of mathematics and fixed income products will be useful.

Reviews of this course

Instructor on this course

Ulrik Strandgaard

Ulrik Strandgaard

Ulrik Strandgaard is senior product owner at SimCorp A/S. Until 2016, Ulrik was a partner in Financial Training Partner A/S. From 1995 – 2002 he worked for SimCorp A/S and was Head of the training department. Prior to SimCorp he worked at Bikuben Børs with derivatives and fixed income research.

Ulrik is also an external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School and has been awarded teacher of the year at CBS’ education Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Financial planning).

He holds an M.Sc. (Economics) and a BA (Business).

Ulrik teaches Excel in Finance

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