Become a Certified Risk Manager

Do you want a broad and deep understanding of the tools used to manage financial risks? Then the education Certified Risk Manager is relevant for you.

On the course you will learn how to measure and manage market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk and operational risk. The education consists of three modules of two days each.

The program requires that you have an introductory understanding of risk management problems. You will be asked to do home exercises in between the modules.

The education is held in Danish in Copenhagen in the autumn of 2016 – and in English in Stockholm in the spring of 2017. The Danish version starts October 26, 2016.

Great satisfaction among participants

It is the second time we run the course in Copenhagen. The previous course evaluations have shown great satisfaction:

”Great teaching methods and great course facilities”
Siamand Babataheri, Ap 7

”Very good agenda at this course. Very good to integrate practical exercises in the course. The teacher is very good at explaining the different topics and to answer questions. Very good course facilities.”
Marta Ryden, Ap 7

”Fungerer godt med blanding af teori og workshop. De ydre rammer var fine.”
Søren Friedrichsen, Alka

”The teaching methods are very good and so are the course facilities.”
Jenny Spangberg, Kammarkolleget

”Excellent combination of calculations and regulations. The course facilities are good”.
Ann Carlsson, SEB

”Forholdet mellem teori og praksis er god. Gode ydre rammer.”
Kimm Sander, Europæiske Rejseforsikring