Bond Analysis – Course in Stockholm

The course gives you an understanding of the Scandinavian bond market; i.e. the various bond types on the market, the risk measures and when to invest in the various bonds. You will learn about mortgage bonds, government bonds, corporate bonds and inflation-linked bonds as well as pricing and risk management techniques.
Course in Bond Analysis

Course description

– Bonds on the Scandinavian Markets
– Price and yield
– Zero Coupon Pricing
– Duration, Modified Duration and Dollar Duration
– Government Bonds
– Corporate Bonds
– Mortgage Bonds

The course is relevant to

- Back office employees
- New front office employees
- Middle office
- IT employees
- Investors
- Corporate treasurers
- Compliance
- Internal Auditors
- Fixed Income Sales
- Operations

Course Prerequisites

The course is an introductory course and requires no specific requirements.


Jørgen Just Andresen


Date 10 Oct 2019 - 11 Oct 2019
Course days 2
Location Stockholm
Language English
Level Introductory/intermediate
Price SEK 15.500. The price includes course material, lunch and refreshments.