Top Strategist joins Financial Training Partners Instructor Corps

Frank Hvid Petersen is an instructor at Financial Training Partner. Top strategist, Frank Hvid Petersen, starts as instructor in Financial Training Partner. Frank Hvid Petersen will teach “MacroEconomics for Investment Professionals”, March 8-9, 2018.

Frank was until recently Head of Strategy and Portfolio Management at Carnegie Wealth Management and Portfolio
Manager of Global Equities and Fixed Income.

He has held positions as joint Head of Strategic Investment Advise and Chief investment Strategist at Nordea including chairman of Nordea’s Global Investment Committee. Frank has won several top rankings in the annual Prospera institutional investor rankings of best macroeconomic and equity strategy analysts. He holds a M.Sc. (Econ) and has extensive teaching and presentation experience. Frank has just started his own consultancy firm.

Facts about the Course Macroeconomics for Finance Professionals, March 8-9
The course is relevant for finance professionals who need a thorough understanding of how to use macroeconomics. The focus will be on the practical use of macroeconomics to improve your investment/allocation decisions.

Course Description:
• Macroeconomics and the Financial Markets
• Forecasting Asset Returns
• Long-term Trends and the Way Forward
• Fiscal and Monetary Policy
• Macroeconomic Theory
• Inflation Forecasting and its Impact on Returns
• Forecasting Growth

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