Financial Training Partner has highly qualified instructors with many years of practical and theoretical experience.

Henrik Lumholdt

Henrik Lumholdt is an instructor at Financial Training Partner.

Henrik Lumholdt is the founding partner of Inside Economics, a consultancy which advises international investors and multinational corporations. He was until recently the Chief Investment Strategist for Spain’s largest asset management company, BBVA AM. Previous positions include Chief Economist for Bank of America, Spain, Head of Fixed Income Research at FG/Merrill Lynch, and Senior Economist at Nordea Bank.

Henrik has been an adjunct professor at the IE Business School since 2001, where he teaches finance and economics in the Master in Finance and MBA programmes. He has won several prices for best professor. He holds a B.Sc. (Econ.) and a M.Sc. (Finance).

Henrik teaches Portfolio Management

Jannik Bagge

Jannik Bagge is an instructor at Financial Training Partner.

Jannik Bagge is employed in one of Europe’s leading banks with responsibility for capital markets and corporate banking product management. He has previously been employed by Danske Bank, Markets, with responsibility for business development and product approvals.

Jannik is also an external lecturer at Aalborg University. He has an Executive MBA and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Financial planning).

Jannik teaches Product Management

Timotheos Mavropoulos

Timotheos Mavropoulos is an instructor at Financial Training Partner.

Timotheos Mavropoulos did his Ph.D. in Finance studies at the Stockholm School of Economics. He is an empirical finance researcher with broad research interests including impact investing, behavioral finance and FinTech.

He has worked as a research assistant at the Central Bank of Sweden, has participated in completing the Handbook of the Economics of Finance and has professional experience from a boutique investment bank.

His teaching experience is, among other, in corporate finance, international financial management and thesis in finance courses.

He holds a B.Sc. (Finance), M.Sc. (Finance) and Licentiate (Finance).

Timotheos teaches Introduction to FinTech

Frank Hvid Petersen

Frank Hvid Petersen is an instructor at Financial Training Partner.

Frank Hvid Petersen has a solid theoretical and practical experience with macroeconomics and financial markets after almost 25 years of working in the financial sector. He has been Head of Strategy and Portfolio Management at Carnegie Wealth Management and a portfolio manager of global equities and fixed income. Today he has his own advisory firm.

Previous positions include joint Head of Strategic Investment Advise and Chief investment Strategist at Nordea including chairman of Nordea’s Global Investment Committee. Before that he was economist, chief economist and chief equity strategist at Alfred Berg.

He has won several top rankings in the annual Prospera institutional investor rankings of best macroeconomic and equity strategy analysts. He holds a M.Sc. (Econ) and has extensive teaching and presentation experience.

Frank teaches Macroeconomics and Portfolio Management

Ulrik Strandgaard

Ulrik Strandgaard is an instructor at Financial Training Partner.

Ulrik Strandgaard is senior product owner at SimCorp A/S. Until 2016, Ulrik was a partner in Financial Training Partner A/S. From 1995 – 2002 he worked for SimCorp A/S and was Head of the training department. Prior to SimCorp he worked at Bikuben Børs with derivatives and fixed income research.

Ulrik is also an external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School and was awarded teacher of the year at CBS’ education Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Financial planning) in 2017.

He holds an M.Sc. (Economics) and a BA (Business).

Ulrik teaches Excel in Finance

Peter Zink Secher

Peter Zink Secher is an instructor at Financial Training Partner.

Peter Zink Secher is a former Investment Banker and Corporate Finance specialist with 25 years of experience on M&A sell-side. Peter moved to M&A buy-side as he started working as ’head of M&A’ for a former M&A client from 2011-14. He has been involved in M&A projects in most parts of the world and is now running his own company Fixcorp. Peter’s business motto is ”half of your M&A success are all the deals you don’t do”.

Peter acts as guest lecturer on M&A topics on various UK universities/MBA schools. He has published various articles in Finans/Invest on derivatives, risk management and most recently M&A (April 2018).

He is co-author of THE M&A FORMULA published by Wiley January 2018. He holds an HD (Finance) and Executive MBA (Global Management).

Peter teaches Corporate Finance – M&A

Peter Woeste Christensen

Peter Woeste Christensen is an instructor at Financial Training Partner

Peter Woeste Christensen is Director in Lucht Probst Associates GmbH. With his base in Frankfurt am Main, Peter advises Banks and other financial market participants in aspects ranging from pricing, hedging and risk management of financial contracts, to the operational aspects from pre-trading over settlement to the financial reporting of transactions.

Peter is actively engaged in the IBOR transition, supporting large international oriented organizations with their LIBOR transition projects.

Peter teaches IBOR Transition

Jørgen Just Andresen

Jørgen Just Andresen is Managing Director of Financial Training Partner.

Jørgen Just Andresen is Managing Director of Financial Training Partner A/S, which he co-founded in 2002.

He has many years of teaching experience as a chief consultant at SimCorp’s training department, which he joined in 1996. Prior to SimCorp he worked at Danske Bank with fixed income research and fixed income sales.

Jørgen is also an external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School and was awarded teacher of the year at CBS’ education Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Financial planing) in 2016.

He is author of the books Finansiel Risikostyring (Financial Risk Management) and Finansielle Derivater (Financial Derivatives) published by Djøf Publishing.

He holds an M.Sc. (international finance) and an HD (accounting).

Jørgen teaches Derivatives, Risk Management, Portfolio Management and Fixed Income

Christoph Junge

Christoph Junge is an instructor at Financial Training Partner.

Christoph Junge is Head of Alternative Investments at Velliv; a major Danish pension fund. He is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst and has more than 15 years of experience from the financial industry in both Denmark and Germany. He has worked with Asset Allocation, Manager Selection as well as investment advice in, among others, Nordea, Tryg and Jyske Bank. He was awarded Rising Star of the Year by Institutional Investor Institute in 2019.

Christoph holds an HD (Finance).

Christoph teaches Alternative Investments