Popular Course Now Held in English

One of our most popular courses, “Introduction to the Financial Markets” is now held in English in Copenhagen.

The course has previously been held in Danish in Copenhagen and in English in Stockholm. Because of more foreign employees in the Danish financial sector we are now running the course in English in Copenhagen on January 17-18, 2017.

The course will give you a general introduction to the financial markets in Denmark. You will learn about the various participants in the financial market; i.e. Danmarks Nationalbank, the banks, the insurance companies, mortgage banks, VP Securities and the stock exchange. You will learn about the stock-, bond-, money- and FX-market.

Our participants have always given very high ratings to the course. Here are a few of the comments from our English version in Stockholm:

Our participants say

”Very good with a lot of examples which makes it easier to understand. Jørgen has excellent skills in communication and easy to understand.”

Demian Blixt, SEB   |   2016-09-20

”The teaching methods was very good. It was easy to follow and I did not loose focus during the course and I thought the whole group was engaged. Jørgen was easy to understand and very educational. It was simple to ask questions and the answers were often thoroughly explained.”

Emily Teppler   |   2016-09-20

”Working in the stockmarket, but was interesting to learn more about the other markets. Good use of drawing board with examples. Jørgen was good at explaining and use examples from the participant’s countries.”

Thomas Møre   |   2016-09-20

Read more about the course and register here