Course in Product Governance/Management January 23 in Copenhagen

This course is relevant for anyone working with product governance, product management, product processes, product approvals and product compliance in a financial institution.

The course provides you with knowledge and tools to guide and participate in product development, product approval and implementation. This also includes ensuring that the product meets the expectations of stakeholders, internal procedures and government requirements.

The course is held in January 23, 2019 in Copenhagen. You will learn about:

Regulatory Requirements to the Product


Internal policies & procedures


Product Governance


Roles and responsibilities

Types of decisions

Escalation of decisions


Product definitions


Efficient Product Processes

Centralised or decentralised development and implementation

The phases of the process

Sub processes

Quality assurance

Identification and mitigation of risk

Roles and responsibilities



Product Management

The Phases of the Products

Stakeholder Management




Jannik Bagge is speaker. He is employed in one of Europe’s leading banks with responsibility for capital markets and corporate banking product management. He has previously been employed by Danske Bank, Markets, with responsibility for business development and product approvals. Jannik is also an external lecturer at Aalborg University.

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