Instructor Profile: Frank Hvid Petersen

Frank Hvid Petersen - Instructor ProfileHeavy-weight Investment Profile Frank Hvid Petersen Teaches Portfolio Management at Financial Training Partner

On Financial Training Partner’s education as a Certified Portfolio Manager, you will meet a faculty of highly skilled investment professionals. These include:

Frank Hvid Petersen
Christoph Junge
Henrik Lumholdt
Jørgen Just Andresen

Within the next couple of weeks, we will introduce you to the instructors, their profound experience and outstanding achievements within the world for Portfolio Management.

Frank Hvid Petersen – Instructor Profile

Frank Hvid Petersen is a heavyweight in the Investment Management Industry. He has been Head of Strategy and Portfolio Management at Carnegie Wealth Management and he has worked as a portfolio manager of global equities and fixed income. Today he has his own advisory firm, Early Bird Research and Education and work for different media as commentator and columnist on issues like macroeconomics, technology and finance.

Frank has previously worked as joint Head of Strategic Investment Advice and Chief Investment Strategist at Nordea including chairman of Nordea’s Global Investment Committee. Before that he worked as Chief Economist and Chief Equity Strategist at Alfred Berg.

He has won several top rankings in the annual Prospera institutional investor rankings of best macroeconomic and equity strategy analysts. He holds a M.Sc. (Econ) and has extensive teaching and presentation experience.

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