Certified Portfolio Manager

This new certification program will provide you with the most up-to-date tools within Portfolio Management. You will learn how to analyse and optimise portfolios and get experience with establishing the investment universe and making factor-based Investments. You will learn how to choose the right investment solutions, analyse alternative investment classes and measure the performance of your decisions. The education consists of three modules. After the final module you can take an exam and thereby become a Certified Portfolio Manager.

The education is relevant for employees in the Asset Management industry working with or supporting the Portfolio Management process and for investment advisors more generally.

Course description

Module 1 – Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation

Introduction to Portfolio Management
The Portfolio Management Process
Challenges Today
Investment Policy
Investment Objectives
Time Horizon and Risk Tolerance
Traditional Asset Classes and their Characteristics
Fixed Income

Strategic Asset Allocation
Fixed vs. dynamic SAA-structure
Long term Forecasting
Risk, Returns and Correlations
Risk Measures for Portfolios
Classical Markowitz
Problems with Markowitz
Alternative solutions

Module 2 – Factor-based Investing and Tactical Asset Allocation

Factor-based Investing
What are factors?
Equity style factors
Corporate bond style factors
What explains factor rewards?
Factor performance
Should factor investing be timed?

Tactical Asset Allocation
The TVF-approach
The high 5/6 approach
Four-phase macro-model
Other Approaches

Product Selection and Investment Solutions
Active vs. passive investments
Manager selection
Sustainability and ESG

Module 3 – Alternative Investments and Performance Measurement

Alternative Investments
Risks and opportunities of Alternative Investments
IRR, J-curve and fee models
Real Estate
Timberland and Farmland
Private Equity and Hedge Funds
Commodities and Structured Products

Performance Measurement
Measuring Return
Time Weighted and Money Weighted
Sharpe Ratio, Treynor Index and Jensen’s Alpha
Alpha and Information Ratio
Attribution Analysis
Fixed Income Attribution

The course is relevant to

- Portfolio Managers
- Portfolio Administrators
- Risk Managers
- Risk Controllers
- Fund Managers
- Analysts
- Investors
- Investment advisors
- Investment controllers
- Middle Office Employees
- Traders
- Dealers
- Private bankers

Course Prerequisites

A general knowledge of investment management will be beneficial.


Christoph Junge

Frank Hvid Petersen

Henrik Lumholdt

Jørgen Just Andresen


Date This course is offered as an inhouse course. Contact us for an offer at info@FinancialTP.com. Read more about our inhouse courses
Course days 6
Location Customers location
Language English
Level Intermediate
Price 27.500 DKK ex VAT per day for up to 12 participants including course material, exam and diploma.