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Our financial courses give you practical insight on how to solve problems financial institutions are facing.

We have courses ranging from the introductory to more advanced level, and you can choose from a wide variety of course categories.

We also offer certification programs, where you can be certified as Risk Manager, Financial Supporter, Portfolio Manager or Fixed Income Manager. See our course categories below.

Certification Programs

Become a Certified Risk Manager, a Certified Financial Supporter, a Certified Portfolio Manager or a Certified Fixed Income Manager.

Financial Markets

Learn about the various financial institutions and their role in the financial system.

Bond Analysis

Learn about the Scandinavian bond markets, the bond types and their risks.


Learn about the various derivatives and how to use them for trading and hedging. You can also learn about new methodologies for measuring risk and market value.

Risk Management

Learn how to measure and manage the various types of financial risks.

Financial Applications

Excel is widely used within finance. Learn how to use the financial functions of Excel and how to make your own VBA-code.


Learn about the new financial regulation.