Congratulations to Eight New Risk Managers

In December, eight financial experts completed the education and passed the exam to become Certified Risk Managers.

The education ran from October to December with three two-day modules, and the participants have worked intensively with market risk, credit risk, operational risk and liquidity risk.

It is our pleasure to congratulate

Yu Du, SDC
Jona Johansen, Betri
Palle Abildgaard Jyske Bank
Helle Dalager, Arbejdernes Landsbank
Thomas Wehle, RealDania
Brian Thomassen, PensionDanmark
Anders Haraldsson, SDC
Jonas Elmqvist Bendixen, Kommunekredit

We wish them all the best for the future!

Kind regards

Jørgen Just Andresen
Director, Partner

About the education

The education as a Certified Risk Manager is held this spring 2018 in Stockholm and Copenhagen. Click here if you want to learn more or sign up for the education:

Certified Risk Manager – Education in Stockholm (22. March 2018 – 31. May 2018)

Certificeret Risk Manager – uddannelse i København (23. April 2018 – 15. June 2018)