Become a Certified Fixed Income Manager

In the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018, Financial Training Partner offers its succesful education ”Certified Fixed Income Manager”.

The education is relevant for people working with Fixed Income in front office, internal audit, compliance or operations.

We have run the education for the last five years and it always receives excellent feedback from our participants. Some of the most recent statements are:

“Very good teaching methods and excellent teacher”, Peter Huusko, Vattenfall

“Very good and clear presentation and explanation, giving insight and understanding. Impressed by the competence of the instructor.” Linda Bergenheim, SEB

“Good mix of theory and practice. Very good with recent examples from the “real world” with focus on Scandinavia. Not just theoretical knowledge.” Gustav Larsson, Swedbank


The content of the education

The education consists of three modules of two days with reading material and exercises in between. You can read more about the education here:

Certified Fixed Income Manager in Copenhagen in Fall of 2017

Certified Fixed Income Manager in Stockholm in Spring 2018

And read more about the three modules here:

Module 1:

Bond Analysis, 9.-10 november, 2017 i København or

Bond Analysis, 12.-13. marts, 2018 i Stockholm

Module 2:

Fixed Income Derivatives, 12.-13. december, 2017 i København or

Fixed Income Derivatives, 9.-10. april 2018 i Stockholm

Modul 3:

OTC-Derivatives – Pricing and Counterparty Risk, 30.-31. januar, 2018 i København or

OTC-Derivatives – Pricing and Counterparty Risk, 22.-23. maj 2018 i Stockholm